The Guam Rock Lions' Club celebrated their very first anniversary on Saturday, August 04, 2012 at the Fiesta Resort Guam. The Club also celebrated the induction of officers and members for the Year 2012. Senator Dennis Rodriguez, Jr. delivered a speech as he was invited to be the Keynote Speaker during the momentous event for the Guam Rock Lions' Club.

Senator Rodriguez commends the efforts of the Guam National Badminton Federation for bringing athletes from Philippines and Saipan to compete in a Friendship Tournament tonight at 5:00 pm and tomorrow, Saturday, August 4, 2012 at St. Paul's Christian School North Gymnasium from 8:00 am to 8:00 p.m. 

The Pacific Daily News would like to get your thoughts on the governor's proposed spending cuts:

•Will you support the governor's early retirement program proposal, which his administration believes will result in $15M to $35M in annual spending cuts?  Do you have an alternative solution or solutions? Please elaborate your answer in two paragraphs.

Unless the PDN was privy to the details of Governor Calvo's early retirement program proposal, it is difficult and premature to comment on plans which provide for a good sound bite, but are put forth without sufficient details.  Nevertheless, I must state that I will not support any attempts to weaken the solvency of the Government of Guam Retirement Fund.  I also will not support any efforts which could once again result in a "brain drain" of experienced personnel in our government.  The early retirement program initiated in the 90's has caused the opposite affect of its intended purpose.  It is no secret that most of our government entities are operating at bare minimum.  Take for example the Division of Environmental Health at the Department of Public Health & Social Services.  At this time, there is only 1 health inspector tasked to ensure the safety of over four thousand of health regulated establishments. This inspector will be eligible for early retirement.  Imagine the havoc this will cause.


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 Speaker to revisit smoking age of 21 is the official website of Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr., member
I Mina’trentai Dos Na Liheslaturan Guåhan
, 33rd Guam Legislature.

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