Todu Guam Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr.


Bill 413-31(COR)

This bill seeks to improve and revise the current rules and regulations of the Guam Election Commission.  Section 2 of this bill was submitted by the Guam Election Commission to comply with Public Law 31-61 to review and update Title 6 GCA.

Bill 410-31(COR)

This bill requires pricing uniformity by healthcare insurers.  It ensures that copayments, deductibles, and limits on the quantity of drugs that can be dispensed at one time be applied uniformly regardless of the type of pharmacy the consumer chooses.

Bill 408-31(COR)

Bill 408 seeks to provide a revolving fund for the Office of Vital Statistics under the Department of Public Health and Social Services to help the office become fully staffed to meet the needs of the island community.

Bill 407-31(COR)

This Bill is an effort to reduce the number of collisions and fatalities on Guam roadways. It provides for the court to impose a penalty requiring the taking of a defensive driving program for the offense of reckless driving.

Bill 388-31(COR)

Bill 388 seeks to keep the people of Guam healthy and protected by the spread of communicable diseases.  The bill is an act to adopt isolation and quarantine procedures to help the Department of Public Health and Social Services fulfill its mandate to protect the public's health and safety.

Bill No. 367-31 (LS) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr. / T.C. Ada / V.A. Ada.

An act to designate Route 6 (Halsey Drive and Spruance Drive) as "Korean War Veterans Drive" by adding a new §849.6 to Chapter 8, Title 1, Guam Code Annotated, to pay special tribute to all veterans who served in the Korean War for the protection and freedom of liberty. Received: 11/7/11 - 4:15 p.m.

Bill No. 339-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr. / M.S. Taijeron / A.B. Palacios, Sr.

Bill 339-31 seeks to update the laws that require emergency medical and ambulance service systems to be regularly maintained. The new regulations will raise the quality of emergency response vehicles on the island and provide for safe and uniformed partnerships between the government and private ambulance services.

Bill No. 328-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr. / T.C. Ada / F.F. Blas, Jr.

Bill 328-31 is an act regarding wine tasting. It seeks to regulate wine tastings and where they take place, as well as provide for proper conduct of consumption of alcoholic beverages by the Alcohol Beverage Control Board.

Bill No. 323-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr.

Bill 323-31 is an act that will require parental consent for a minor to have an abortion. The bill will be used to protect children and insure that their parent or legal guardian helps make a decision that is in the best interest of the child.

Bill No. 307-31 (LS) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr.

Bill 307-31 seeks to administer rules and regulations for the Guam Food Code to promote the health and safety of the people of Guam. The bill also tries to insure that the rules and regulations adopted are consistent with the needs of the island community.

Bill No. 292-31 (LS) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr.

Bill 292-31 authorizes the community health centers of the Department of Public Health to collect reimbursement rendered to patients of MIP. The bill will help DPHSS to comply with the federal statutory provisions as a Federally Qualified Health Center.

Bill No. 285-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr. / T.C. Ada

Bill 285-31 mandates healthy foods to be sold in vending machines that are located in government buildings. The bill seeks to provide healthier food options for employees working for the government to combat chronic diseases and high healthcare costs.

Bill No. 278-31 (LS) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr.

Bill 278-31 seeks to allow dentists on Guam to be licensed through credentialing. This will allow for greater numbers of dentists practicing on the island and provide more access to dental care for the people of Guam.

Bill No. 277-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr.

Bill 277-31 is an act to provide funding to the Guam Memorial Hospital to start up and urgent care facility within GMHA. The money would be reprogrammed from the 2007 Tobacco Bond Proceeds to insure the government complies with the mandate of the Organic Act to provide medical services to the people of Guam.

Bill No. 259-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr.

Bill 259-31 seeks to allow funding to repair the Talofofo Indoor Gymnasium to support the participation of village fitness and wellness programs. The bill would reprogram roughly $150,000 from the 2007 Tobacco Bond proceeds to the Talofofo Mayor’s Office for the project to be completed.

Bill No. 257-31 (COR) (As Substituted) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr.

Bill 257-31 was an act to give all public schools efficient financial resources to open for the new school year. It also tried to keep the Umatac school of F.Q. Sanchez Elementary open for the 2011-2012 school year.

Bill No. 252-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr.

Bill 252-31 seeks to simplify the initiative and referendum process by adding the last two digits of the election year to be followed by the alphabet letter corresponding to the order in which it was submitted the Election Commission for the ballot title. It will provide distinguished titles that will only be associated with the subject it was named for.

Bill No. 251-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr.

Bill 251-31 rezones Lot No. 54NEW-R1, Block 3 from a “R-1” single-family residential home to commercial “C” zone. The rezoning will enable the property to be used for a medical related business.

Bill No. 249-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr. / M.S. Taijeron / V.A. Ada

Bill 249-31 gives the Department of Public Health and Social Services’ Director the authorization to charge third party payers for services provided to individuals who qualify under a welfare program. The bill puts the government of Guam in compliance with the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 and insures that the government does not deny payment for claims submitted by Medicaid or MIP.

Bill No. 230-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr. / T.C. Ada

Bill 230-31 would mandate all new government buildings to be built with sustainable designs and require all renovations to government buildings use energy efficient and sustainable design methods. The bill seeks to reduce the island’s energy costs and promote a healthier environment for the people of Guam starting with the government.

Bill No. 195-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr. / A.B. Palacios, Sr. / A.A. Yamashita, Ph.D.

Bill 195-31 is known as the “Family Violence Registry Act” which creates a central database with information about offenders who have committed crimes of domestic/family violence. It makes the information readily available to the public to give the community a greater sense of security and protection.

Bill No. 188-31 (LS) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr.

Bill 188-31 helps protect the most vulnerable of the community by restricting smoking in a vehicle when a child who is 17 years and younger is present to. It creates a maximum $100 fine for the first offense and up to $200 fine for the second offense and the fines paid for these convictions will be deposited into the Guam Cancer Trust Fund.

Bill No. 175-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr.

Bill 175-31 is an act to rezone Lot No. 5231-9-1 in Dededo from an Agriculture “A” zone to a Commercial “C” zone.

Bill No. 170-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr. / v.c. pangelinan

Bill 170-31 creates a Guam Cancer Assistance and Treatment Program. The program is meant to help bridge the gaps in services for cancer patients under public assistance programs, but who currently are limited to available options for authorized treatments that may been provided.

Bill No. 158-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr.

Bill 158-31 seeks to create an urgent care facility at the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority. This urgent care facility in the hospital will help alleviate the overcrowding of Guam’s only civilian hospital emergency room and help the hospital better serve the people of Guam.

Bill No. 141-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr. / A.A. Yamashita, Ph.D.

Bill 141-31 gives business privilege tax exemptions for child care centers and group child care homes. The bill is intended to promote early childhood learning and development opportunities by giving financial relief to child care centers and group child care homes as they come into compliance with the new rules and regulations for their facilities.

Bill No. 137-31 (LS) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr. / T.C. Ada

Bill 137-31 establishes the rules and regulations for the Department of Public Health and Social Services to issue sanitary permits. The bill tries to make the rules and regulations for the issuance of sanitary permits consistent with the needs of the community by requiring that they be reviewed and amended at least every five years.

Bill No. 127-31 (LS) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr.

Bill 127-31 repealed a provision made to the Guam Code Annotated in the last legislature that limited the Governor of Guam’s authority to appoint and remove members of the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority Board of Trustees. The Attorney General found the P.L. 30-190 was contrary to the Organic Act of Guam and Bill 127-31 was introduced to remedy the conflict.

Bill No. 118-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr. / T.R. Muna-Barnes

Bill 118-31 creates a lifeguard volunteer corps under the leadership of the Department of Parks and Recreation. There are over 70 public beaches and pools under the jurisdiction of DPR and only 12 lifeguards that the agency can afford to employ. The Lifeguard Volunteer Corps will be used to supplement the lack of lifeguards in DPR’s water safety programs and activities to make them safer for the island community.

Bill No. 104-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr.

Bill 104-31 lays out the law for a person(s) who has been determined mentally ill by a qualified mental health professional or a court ordered judgment. It proclaims all legal rights that an individual who has been determined as mentally ill has going forward for treatment.

Bill No. 92-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr.

Bill 92-31 authorizes the Chamorro Land Trust Commission to license land to the GovGuam Association of Retired Persons, Inc. to be used as a “Multi-Generational Building.” The “Multi-Generational Building” is intended to be used to promote and strengthen the respect and connection between the Måmamko' and Manhoben generations.

Bill No. 81-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr.

Bill 81-30 is an act to implement the certification pay differential salary adjustments for licensed practical nurses of the government of Guam. The bill is made to provide proper compensation to licensed practical nurses of the government of Guam across-the-board and to establish a retroactive compensation plan for unpaid and/underpaid Certification Pay Differential payment due, from December 30, 2004 until the enactment of the bill.

Bill No. 70-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr. / A.A. Yamashita

Bill 70-31 is an act to establish the administrative rules and regulations of the Department of Public Health & Social Services for child care centers and group child care homes to replace the current rules that have not been amended since 1978. The bill is intended to keep the rules and regulations for child care centers consistent with the needs of the community and to promote the health and welfare of the children of Guam.

Bill No. 56-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr. / J.P. Guthertz, DPA / A.A. Yamashita

Bill 56-31 is an act to allow policymakers to participate in government of Guam healthcare insurance negotiating team. The bill seeks to include at least two members of the Guam Legislature to help the government enter into insurance policies that are good and affordable for the taxpayers of Guam.

Bill No. 55-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr. / J.P. Guthertz, DPA / A.A. Yamashita

Bill 55-31 is an act to authorize the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority to solicit and contract for food vendors within the hospital. The bill is intended to insure and facilitate the availability of food services to hospital staff and visitors.

Bill No. 13-31 (COR) - D.G. Rodriguez, Jr.

Bill 13-31 is an act to mandate the conversion of all public streetlights to alternate energy units and light sources under the direction of the Efficient Energy Task Force, with the Guam Energy Office, Guam Power Authority and the Department of Public Works. The bill is intended to make the island a safer and more sustainable place while bringing the island into compliance with President Obama’s Energy Plan.

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 Senators propose bigger tax breaks for Core Tech Captive Insurance is the official website of Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr., member
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