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The Bureau of Statistics and Plans said thank you and congratulations to two of their long-time public servants today, Sept. 29 during a retirement celebration.  

Senator Dennis Rodriguez, on behalf of the people of Guam, presented Legislative Resolutions commending and congratulating Mr. Edwin Verzosa and Ms. Selina Tenorio for their service on their retirement after 30 and 31 years, respectively.

Congratulations Mr. Verzosa and Ms. Tenorio, and Si Yu'os Ma'ase' for your service to the people of Guam!

BSP retirement

Senator Rodriguez with BSP Dep. Dir. James McDonald and retirees Edwin Verzosa and Selina Tenorio with their family during their retirement celebration.

The Division of Environmental Health at the Department of Public Health and Social Services celebrated their 10th Annual Guam Food Safety Education Month with an Education Fair on Saturday, September 26 at the center court of the Micronesia Mall.

This year was a "Decade of Fighting Bac!" for the Division, providing the people of Guam with opportunities to learn about food safety, proper food handling and cooking, hand washing, and other means of ensuring safe preparation for families and businesses alike.

Sen. Dennis Rodriguez presented the Division with Resolution 193-33 (COR) commemorating and congratulating them for their continued educational outreach and to recognize the winners of the different contests sponsored by the division.

Winners in the Poster, Recipe and Video Contests were awarded with prizes from various business partners with most prizes sponsored by the Environmental Public Health Employees Association.

Sen. Rodriguez also presented the contest winners with a Legislative Certificate congratulating them on their success.

Hundreds of people participated the event, walking away with many of the Divisions' promotional items.

Congratulations to DEH, and Si Yu'os Ma'ase' for your work in educating our people on keeping food safe from port to plate!


Senator Rodriguez with Gov. Calvo, DPHSS Director Jim Gillan, Dep. Dir. Leo Casil, Marie Guerrero, Co-Chair of the Guam Food Safety Task Force and Administrator Tom Nadeau of the Division of Environmental Health.



Team SLN after receiving their award for 1st Place in the 2015 GFSEM Video Contest.


Winners of the GFSEM Poster Contest, Elementary division.



Winners of the Recipe Contest, Middle School division.

Sen. Rodriguez, Chairman of the Health Committee has scheduled a Round Table discussion on Bill 165-33 on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 9am in the Public Hearing Room of the Guam Legislature in Hagatna.

Bill 165-33 is an act to create the Guam Bureau of Health Planning and Development (GBHPD) under the Office of the Governor, and to transfer the Health Professional Licensing Office to GBHPD, establish special funds, by adding a new Article 11 to Chapter 1, Title 5, Guam Code Annotated.

The pupose of the Round Table is to provde the public the opportunity to help vet the legislation prior to the public hearing.

The Committee has invited members of the public- governmental, private and non-profit, to participate in the discussions.  For more information, please contact our office.

The Office of Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr. is proud to announce a 5K charity run/walk for our neighbors in Saipan on September 5, 2015.

Saipan was devastated by Typhoon Soudelor in early August and they need Guam's help to recover.

The proceeds from this race will financially support our neighbors in Saipan make a speedy recovery so let's Run For Our Manelu!

When: September 5, 2015

Where? Chammoro Village

Showtime: 5 AM

Go-Time: 6 AM

Price: $10 per Person, $35 for group of 4 ($15 per individual on Race Day)

Where to Register?

Paradise Fitness Center Locations, Goody's Sporting Goods, All National Office Supply Locations, and Senator Dennis Rodriguez, Jr.'s Office in Tamuning.

If you need any more information about the race, please give us a call at 647-TODU (647-8638) or send us an email. 


Tamuning, Guam. On Friday, Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr., Rory Respicio, and Tommy Morrison introduced forward-looking legislation to promote our growing healthcare sector by reestablishing the Guam Bureau of Health Planning and Development under the Office of the Governor.  It would, as well, consolidate the Health Professional Licensing Office (HPLO) currently under the Department of Public Health.  A similar organization initiated with federal funding existed in the late 70’s to late 1990’s and was to be self-sufficient within 10 years; but was eliminated when federal funding was discontinued in 2001 and all personnel were relocated.

“Even as Guam’s healthcare sector grows with the addition of a new hospital and clinics, we are still facing the challenges of the ever increasing cost and complexity of providing healthcare or implementing the Affordable Care Act,”Senator Rodriguez stated. “It is critical to have a guiding Bureau which can develop a coordinated course for the development of Guam’s health care system.  There must be a reasoned approach which ensures we obtain needed services, while not negatively impacting existing services”.

The proposed GBHPD has, as a principal function, the responsibility for promoting accessibility for our people to quality health care services at reasonable costs.  This can be accomplished with a Certificate of Need process, review of health insurance plans, and the development of a Territorial Health Plan.  Rodriguez states, “we need to achieve sustainable economies of scale wherein developing health care services are complimentary, and not simply competitive based to the detriment of our existing health care system and available services.  More does not always mean better.  There must be a clear picture and dedicated effort towards health care development, to include the pursuit of health based grants.”  A Guam Health Coordinating Council, which is in essence a “Community Board” to strategically guide the Bureau, will also serve as the clearinghouse for both external / internal health related grants applicable to advancing the goals outlined in the Territorial Health Plan or other health initiatives.  Promoting collaboration with government agencies, health related not for profits and community based organizations in securing such grants will be a key component of the Bureau,” Rodriguez added.

A major service of the Bureau will be a Health Information Data Warehouse.  This function will consolidate many sources of health information and provide current, relevant information to decision makers from all sectors.  “The intent is to base health service development decisions on evidenced based information and serve as a tool to collaborate efforts among government agencies and health care providers, the general public and organizations.” Rodriguez concluded.


For more information on Bill -165-33, please contact us via this website or call our office.