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As Chairman of the Committee on Election Reform, Sen. Rodriguez and his colleagues in the Guam Legislature are in their 3rd day of session in the Committee of the Whole discussing Bill 413-31 (COR) - An Act to repeal and reenact Title 3 of the Guam Code Annotated relative to Guam Elections. 

Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr., of the Philippines to the United States made an official visit this morning at the Guam Legislature.  During his visit he spoke with members of the legislature and was presented Resolution No. 344-31 recognizing his official visit to Guam and commending him for his constant support of business relations between Guam and the Philippines.  The Resolution, introduced by Sen. Rodriguez, was the first official resolution received by Ambassador Cuisia as he expressed during the presentation.  Ambassador Cuisia thanked Sen. Rodriguez and the other members of the Legislature for their warm welcome during his visit to Guam.  The office of Senator Rodriguez wishes Ambassador Cuisia well as he embarks on his journey in the United States while representing his country.

Sen. Rodriguez and his colleagues in the 31st Guam Legislature will extend a warm Hafa Adai greeting to H.E. Jose L. Cuisia, Jr., Philippine Ambassador to the United States with a Resolution Presentation on Monday, March 12, 2012 at 11am at the Guam Legislature.  Resolution No. 344-31 (COR) – relative to welcoming him and thanking him for his contributions in promoting and expanding business opportunities between Guam and the Philippines.

The University of Guam - College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Division of Humanities & Social Sciences has implemented a Legislative Internship Program for Spring 2012.  The office of Senator Rodriguez welcomes Ms. Christiana Ramirez a Political Science major at the university as our office intern.  Ms. Ramirez will be challenged to meet the requirements of the internship while working along side the members of Senator Rodriguez's office staff.  The internship program is coordinated with Professor Mary Cruz, Political Science intructor at the University of Guam.

Senator Rodriguez addressed about 130 students in Dr. Ron McNinch’s Intro to Public Administration and Government Regulations on Business classes this morning at the University of Guam College of Business and Public Administration.  Sen. Rodriguez presented on different topics ranging from the Role of a Senator to the different legislation he has introduced in his first term in the Guam Legislature.  Students had the opportunity to question the senator on his views on different social and economic issues.  Senator Rodriguez expressed his gratitude to Dr. McNinch and his students for inviting him to share his ideas and concerns for our island.


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