Multimedia Todu Guam Articles Senator Addresses Inaugural Non-Communicable Disease Consortium Collaboration Meeting

Today at the Lotte Hotel in Tumon, an inaugural meeting was kicked-off with stakeholders from throughout the Pacific as they gathered to discuss Non-Communicable Diseases with the Guam NCD Consortium from the Department of Public Health and Social Services.

Senator Rodriguez was given the honor of addressing those present, speaking on the "Power of Collaboration" among entities.  He stressed that the work the NCD Consortium produces in collaboration with many governmental, private and non-profit organizations, locally and regionally, is vital to bringing awareness and education to the people.  He further emphasized that this collaboration has seen many successes in advocating for government policy reform, better health practices among communities and true education outreach providing true results toward eliminating the NCDs on Guam and in the Pacific.

Participants included Leadership Teams from the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Island Team (Diabetes, Tobacco and Evaluation), Pacific Islands Health Officers Association (PIHOA) and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC).

Over the two day meeting, the NCD Collaboration will focus on the roles and commitments each of the visiting leadership teams will have, in the region and with the Pacific Island Jurisdictions (PIJs); World Health Day April 2016: Diabetes; a panel discussion on strengthening NCD prevention efforts in the region and how to fill gaps; data, surveillance & monitoring in the PIJs; and country reports on prevention efforts.  

 NCD Collaboration Meeting

Senator Rodriguez with members of the American Samoa delegation participating in the inaugural NCD Consortium Collaboration Meeting at the Lotte Hotel in Tumon.