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Press Releases by Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr.

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1 Senator Seeks Expanded Independent Review of GMH Financial Status with All Health Insurance Carriers 1449
2 Rodriguez, Won Pat, & Palacios introduce emergency legislation to continue operations at senior citizen centers by GGARP/SPIMA 1381
3 Press Release for Green Technology Meeting 1753
4 Senator brokers reinstatement of TakeCare Insurance Direct Payer Agreement 1396
5 An Act To Repeal And Reenact Chapters 1 through 19 of Title 3 Of The Guam Code Annotated, Relative To Guam Elections 1357
6 Act to Provide for Pharmacy Pricing Uniformity By Healthcare Insurers 1507
7 New Law will improve emergency medical and ambulance services 1514
8 Senator Seeks to Restore Flow of Supplies for Two Adult Day Care Centers 7995
9 Senators Honor Guam Veterans who fought alongside US Forces during the Korean War 1416
10 PDN Editorial- Senators shouldn’t meddle with decisions of the school board 1563
11 Press Release- Introduction of Bill 118-31(COR) Volunteer Lifeguard 1317
12 Press Release- 1st Inaugural Senior Citizens Hall of Fame 1617
13 Press Release- Introduction of Bill 252-31(COR) adding a new provision to referendum titles 1500
14 Press Release- Bill 285-31(COR) Introduction of the Healthy Vending Machines Bill 1361
15 Press Release- P.L. 31-102 Smoking in vehicle when a minor is present is now against the law 1362
16 Press Release- Bill 158-31(COR) Urgent Care Center PDN Forum Discussion 2284
17 Press Release- Bill 188-31(COR) Restricting smoking in a motor vehicle when a minor is present 1369
18 Press Release- Bill 307-31(LS) Introduction of the updated Guam Food Code 1475
19 Press Release- Bill 249-31(COR) Introduction of the authorization of the DPHSS Director to charge Third Party Payers 1318
20 Press Release- Bill No 230-31(COR) introducing an act to mandate Governmental Buildings to be energy efficient 1276
21 Press Release- Senator address rising prices at the pump 1286
22 Press Release- Announcement of the Inaugural Senior Citizens Hall of Fame 1250
23 Press Release-Senator to have separate private meetings with Shell and Mobil 1304
24 Press Release- Formation of an Election Reform Advisory Task Force 1328
25 Press Release-Bill 158-31(COR) Creation of Urgent Care Outpatient Medical Center at GMH 1367
26 Press Release for Senior Hall of Fame 1226