Multimedia Communication Press Releases Act to Provide for Pharmacy Pricing Uniformity By Healthcare Insurers

January 12, 2011
Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr., introduced Bill No. 410-31 (COR); an Act to Provide for Pharmacy Pricing Uniformity By Healthcare Insurers, by Adding a New Article 9, To Chapter 18, Title 22, Guam Code Annotated.

Senator Rodriguez stated, “I believe that the choice of healthcare consumers to select their preferred pharmacy without undue pressure from healthcare insurers needs to be protected. We must insure that health insurers are barred from favoring certain types of pharmacies, such as mail order pharmacies, over others such as your local independent retail pharmacies.”

It is the intent of this Bill to require that copayments, deductibles, and limits on the quantity of drugs that can be dispensed at one time be applied uniformly regardless of the type of pharmacy the consumer chooses. Senator Rodriguez stated, “This will insure that the consumer continues to have the option of purchasing pharmaceuticals‟ from the pharmacy of his or her choice, and that the pricing remains consistent. And, if you can buy a three month supply of a drug from a mail order pharmacy, and the insurance companies don‟t object, why shouldn‟t you also be able to the same at our local pharmacies?”

“This will prevent health care insurance providers from pressuring consumers from purchasing by mail order to the detriment of local pharmacies. This is something that is being done in various states. Additionally, doing this has not forced the cost of drugs to increase in those states. It simply level the playing field. After all, are we not currently in a campaign to „buy locally,” Senator Rodriguez concluded.

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