Multimedia Communication Press Releases Senator Seeks Expanded Independent Review of GMH Financial Status with All Health Insurance Carriers

Senator Rodriguez wrote a letter to Public Auditor Doris F. Brooks requesting that an expanded, independent review of GMH's financial status with all health insurance carriers on island be conducted.  Read more on the press release issued.

Tamuning, Guam.  The ongoing impasse over the issue of the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority Direct Payer Agreement with TakeCare Insurance Company has brought to light the inefficient handling of the financial relationships between our only civilian hospital and all health insurance carriers. “With the GMHA Board of Trustees decision to terminate the direct payer agreement, numerous questions and concerns rapidly began surfacing.  First and foremost among these is the serious matter as to true current financial standing between GMHA and the respective health insurance carriers,” Senator Rodriguez stated.

The public discourse over the interpretation of the financial numbers provided by the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority, prompted Legislative Health Committee Chairman Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr., to seek an independent review of the Guam Memorial Hospital’s financial relationship with all health insurance carriers.  In a recent Sunshine Law release of information to Senator Rodriguez, GMH reported the amount of $16,126,409 is collectively owed by all health insurance providers as of January 15, 2012.  However, the GMH administration has only taken drastic action in terminating its Direct Payer Agreement with only one health insurance carrier.

“Also at issue is the concern as to whether all insurance carriers are playing on a level field.  I want to ensure that there is equitable consistency in the terms and conditions of contractual agreements and relationships.  In an effort to ensure the actions of our only civilian hospital are accurate and that equal and fair treatment is provided across the board, I’ve asked Public Auditor Doris Flores-Brooks to expand her ongoing audit of the hospital to include a review of this category.”  Senator Rodriguez said, referring to GMH’s Direct Payer Agreement with all health insurance carriers.  “What we’ve seen in the past few weeks is a public display of conflicting information between GMH and TakeCare.  As a public entity, I expect the hospital administration to be accurate, concise, and on point.  The only way we can hold them accountable is to seek an independent review by the OPA.”  The senator added.

The request for an expanded independent review by the Public Auditor of GMH’s financial relationship with health insurance carriers is made in anticipation of a legislative review of the hospitals handling of the TakeCare Insurance issue.  “Although the GMHA audit is well underway, it has not been completed, and I believe that it is appropriate and absolutely necessary to include this serious matter in their audit review, and publish the findings for the benefit of the people of Guam.  I look forward to the completion of the audit,” Senator Rodriguez concluded.