Multimedia Communication Press Releases Senator Seeks to Restore Flow of Supplies for Two Adult Day Care Centers

Tamuning, Guam.  Legislative Chairman on Senior Citizens, Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr., is pleased to announce that his office has made significant progress to restore the flow of supplies to the Adult Day Care Center in Barrigada, and the Guma Gine’fli’e Dementia Center in Dededo.  Both are operated by the Catholic Social Services, and funded in part by the government of Guam.

Most senior citizen programs, operated or funded by the Department of Public Health and Social Services, have become victims of the government of Guam funding cuts due to dire financial constraints.  DPHSS announced that, because of funding shortfalls, they chose to reduce services to our island's manamko.  This action prompted Senator Rodriguez to seek out non-governmental alternatives to restore and carry out services critically needed by our senior citizens.

As a result of these cuts, Senator Rodriguez initiated meetings with DPHSS officials, representatives of contractual service providers of senior programs, as well as the manamko themselves, to assess the situation and determine which of the services cut by DPHSS are most critical and in need of immediate attention.  It was determined that the basic supplies needed for the daily care of manamko at the Adult Day Care and Dementia Center was of utmost concern.

"Immediately upon learning of this situation, I asked my wife Lena to assist my office in reaching out to friends and businessmen in the community to see how we could ensure our manamko are taken care of and honored even during these austere financial times our government is facing.” Senator Rodriguez said. Mrs. Lena Calvo-Rodriguez has been successful in securing pledges from several caring individuals from our community, who are generously helping to ensure a 12-month supply of necessities for the two senior citizen centers operated by Catholic Social Services.

The initial donation of supplies, sufficient for three months, was presented to the Catholic Social Services at 11AM today. Mr. Art Mariano of MD Wholesale & Mega Drugs, Mr.  & Mrs. Victor Juardalin of Speedi-Lube, and a representative from Guam Radiology, were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by Senator Rodriguez during this morning's presentation.

The office of Senator Rodriguez, led by Mrs. Calvo-Rodriguez is moving towards partially restoring the transportation services for senior citizens. "Many of our seniors depend on this government funded service to get them to the senior centers, or to take them on field trips. I am working on seeking non-governmental resources to help pick up this slack.  No matter how hard times are today, we must do all we can to honor and thank our manamko.  A significant measure of what makes our community special is in great part exemplified by the way we take care of our elderly.  In this regard, the people of Guam are very, very special." Senator Rodriguez stated.  

The community is asked to call the Office of Senator Rodriguez to coordinate any assistance that can be          extended to restore other services previously cut to senior citizen programs.