This morning, Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr., Chairman of the Committee on Health presented Legislative Certificates of Recognition to a few Cancer Survivors and Warriors; Madelyn Cruz, Cynthia Barcinas Kintol, Carolyn W. Cruz, Gloria W. Borja, and Darlene A. Roberto (not present) who had the courage to share their cancer stories live on a special television series – My Story ‘A Cancer Special’ produced by Sorensen Media Group.


It was just three months ago when the special television series – My Story ‘A Cancer Special’ first aired. Each month this special series allows the opportunity for two individual cancer survivors and warriors to share their cancer journey with all the people of Guam. This special series, produced by Sorensen Media Group was created to help raise awareness and educate the people of Guam on Cancer prevention.


Senator Rodriguez also presented a Legislative Certificate of Commendation to Sorensen Media Group for making the show possible. The presentations took place at the Pacific News Center Studio in Hagatña.




From front left: Gloria Borja, Madelyn Cruz, Cynthia Kintol, Louise Muna, and Senator Rodriguez. From back left: Carolyn Cruz and Jay Shedd, President, Sorensen Media Group. 



This morning, Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr., Chairman on the Committee on Health was joined by eight other colleagues, namely Speaker Judith Won Pat, Senators Tony Ada, Rory Respicio, Tina Barnes, BJ Cruz, Tommy Morrison, Brant McCreadie, and Nerissa Underwood in introducing Bill 143-33, a measure that expands the Natasha Protection Act of 2005 relative to smoking regulations, providing increased enforcement capabilities and training.

Members of the Non-Communicable Disease Consortium Tobacco Action Group, the Tobacco Prevention Control unit of the Department of Public Health & Social Services, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ASC-CAN), and Dr. John Ray Taitano, president of the Guam Medical Society accompanied Senator Rodriguez and Tony Ada in filing the bill at the Office of the Clerk of the Guam Legislature.

"Today marks an important day in promoting the health and welfare of our people as it relates to secondhand cigarette smoke.  This bill expands the no-smoking regulations to bars, promotes increased enforcement capabilities, and further protects our kids. I want to be perfectly clear that this is not about trampling on anyones right to make a decision for themselves, it is about being the voice for those who cannot speak up.  This is for those bartenders, entertainers, and other patrons of bars who for one reason or the other have to be inside a facility that currently allows cigarette use...It is about protecting their health and welfare."  Rodriguez shared with those present at this morning's filing of Bill 143-33.

Bill 143-33 will be referred to a standing legislative committee and a puiblic hearing scheduled thereafter.  Click here to view Bill 143-33

The search is on for the 2015 Guam Senior Citizens Hall of Fame Inductee and the Married Couple Recognition Program Honorees!

Scroll down for nominations forms!

In its 4th year, the Hall of Fame was established to recognize a Senior Citizen of Guam for the achievements and contributions he or she has made to our island community. The Married Couple Program was designed to honor couples who have been married for 60 years or longer.

This program was launched in 2011 to bring honor to the pillars of our history, the foundations of our island family and the strength of our people. In recognizing these Seniors, we are able to thank them for the many years of sacrifices and contributions they have given in providing our generations with a strong-willed and persevering island community.

*Nominations for the Hall of Fame: 1) Nominee must be 65 years old at nomination. 2) 1,000 word maximum essay/biography. 3) Completed Nomination Form 4) Photos, Articles and other documentation supporting the nominee.

* Nominations for the Married Couple: 1) Married Couple must be married for 60 years or longer. 2) 1,000 word maximum essay/biography. 3) Completed Nomination Form 4) Photos of couple (during younger years, family, senior years, etc.), and other documentation supporting the nominees.

Submit your nomination with the required form and letter with supporting documents/pictures.  For more information please contact Sen. Rodriguez's office at 649-8638/0511 or send us a comment.  Si Yu'os Ma'ase'!

Download nominations forms from the links below:

Guam Senior Citizen Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Married Couple Recognition Nomination Form

For more information, please contact 649-8638/0511, send us a message, or leave a comment below.


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