Multimedia Communication Press Releases Senators Honor Guam Veterans who fought alongside US Forces during the Korean War

November 9, 2011
“Senators honor Guam Veterans who fought alongside US Forces during the Korean War”

Tamuning, Guam. Senators Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr., Thomas C. Ada, V. Anthony Ada, and Sam Mabini in recognition and commemoration of the patriotic dedication and sacrifices of the people of Guam who served in the United States Armed Forces when the United States participated in an international police action and sent its military to aid the people of South Korea, have introduced Bill No. 367-31 (LS), An Act to Designate Route 6 (Halsey Drive And Spruance Drive) as “Korean War Veterans Drive” by Adding a New §849.6 to Chapter 8, Title 1, Guam Code Annotated, to Pay Special Tribute to all Veterans who served In The Korean War for the Protection and Freedom of Liberty.

Senator Rodriguez, stated, “Though we have recognized and commemorated those who have served in other wars, we have inadvertently left out those who served in the U.S. Armed Forces during the Korean War. This oversight should be addressed.” In doing this, I am truly honored to have two veterans as co-sponsors of this Bill.” Senator Rodriguez further added “the naming of this road as Korean War Veterans Drive will serve as a
memorial to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in serving our island and country.”

“I believe this bill has been long overdue in coming”, stated Senator Tom Ada, “and the location is appropriate in that Route 6 is a beautiful, mountainous roadway, which in many ways is reminiscent of the hills and sites of South Korea.” Senator Ada added, Senator Rodriguez stated, “The Korean War Veterans of Guam were placed in harms way and exposed to extreme weather conditions to honorably carry out their duties.

They demonstrated their true patriotism to the United States by supporting its efforts to secure freedom for the South Korean people. Twenty-one (21) Chamorro’s paid the ultimate sacrifice when they were killed in action, and should be appropriately remembered and honored.”