By collaboratively working with both private and public organizations, the Todu Guam Foundation continuously advocates for the implementation of programs, projects, and initiatives that will aggressively promote a “proactive” approach to wellness. Our “Let’s Talk” health forums encourage Guam residents to make positive lifestyle changes and prioritize preventative healthcare services such as annual examinations or cancer screenings.

Todu Guam Foundation Outreach

Todu Guam Foundation’s Health Prevention and Outreach program encourages positive lifestyle health changes through preventative healthcare services and our “Let’s Talk” health forums.

Todu Guam Health Prevention

As a community with limited access to specialty healthcare services we have organized “Let’s Talk” forums and brought in specialists from the Philippines to provide our community with access to medical resources and education.

Todu Guam Health Outreach

If you have any questions or would like to request more information about our health prevention and outreach program, please contact us here