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Free Ways to Show Kindness

There are many ways for us to show kindness and some forget that it doesn’t have to cost a thing! Here are some examples of free ways for you to show kindness. We hope that it encourages you today and hopefully more in the future.

Take the time to clean

It’s nice to be in a place that is clean so let’s take the time to clean at home, at school, or in the community. There are many ways to clean at home like washing the dishes, vacuuming, or taking out the trash. While you’re at school throw your trash or pick up trash you may see on the ground. You can also help the teachers with keeping the classroom clean and putting things back where they belong. Volunteering to help clean different areas where you live makes a big difference. Some groups get together and clean the beaches, public playgrounds, bus stops, and even the sidewalks.

Being there for a friend

There are times we need to talk to someone and just need to vent or cry. We appreciate that person being there for us and taking the time to listen. You can be there to listen to a friend or family member. Allow them to share and remind them that you are there to listen and give advice if needed. Some may just need the company of a friend and may not want to talk. Being there to support them is a simple way of helping them through something difficult.

Donating clothes, food and toys

Take the time to donate things like food, toys, and clothes. Not all things need to be bought in order to donate. There may be things that are no longer being used at home and are just sitting around that can be useful to someone else. You can buy or gather these items from home and donate them to different charities or organizations. If you know of someone that may need these items you can also donate to them directly.

Write someone a kind note

Everyone knows how great it feels to be thought of and cared about. Random kind notes provide a concrete way to actively practice intentional kindness through written communication and reflection. Kind notes and words can also be given to someone you don’t know and can actually have a big impact. It’s an easy way to brighten someone’s day or just to remind them how much they are cared about.

Help others

Take the time to help someone or do something nice. There are many ways we can help others and it doesn’t have to be someone we know. Something as easy as opening the door for someone or picking up something they dropped are simple and easy ways to show kindness to others. You can help classmates at school or offer to help the teacher. These simple acts of kindness and good deeds can encourage others to do the same for someone else and contribute to a more positive community.