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Mobile Care Clinic Medical Outreach


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TGF Staff and Volunteers

Notice of Public Meeting

TGF public Announcment

Todu Guam Foundation, Ltd. has filed an application with the USDA Rural Development for financial assistance for the purchasing of medical equipment, personal protective equipment, cargo transportation, other logistical needs, and an electronic health records system required for the continuing operations of the Todu Guam Foundation Mobile Care Clinic and its other community based programs. … Read more

Free Ways to Show Kindness

There are many ways for us to show kindness and some forget that it doesn’t have to cost a thing! Here are some examples of free ways for you to show kindness. We hope that it encourages you today and hopefully more in the future. Take the time to clean It’s nice to be in … Read more


CAUTION, the statements I am about to make are general assumptions that are not at all open-minded or entirely true. Think of the beginning text below as a comedic skit or dialogue that exaggerates to get a point across “for viewers like you, thank you!”  __________________________________________________________________________________ There are two types of people,  TYPE 1: Those … Read more

Mental Health Tips for Teens

SET A GOAL FOR YOURSELF Setting goals is a great way to improve your mental health. Your goal doesn’t have to be extravagant; it should be realistic and achievable for you. In addition to that, the goal doesn’t have to be achieved quickly. You can set a daily goal or something to be achieved in … Read more

CARES Health Internship Program

At the crossroads of physical and mental health, the Todu Guam Foundation presents a holistic approach to serving Guam’s children in its CARES Health Internship Program. In this blend of medicine and administration, selected high school interns are exposed to the workings of different fields, ranging from medical and social work to business and marketing, … Read more

CARES program imparts invaluable lessons about island healthcare to high schoolers

Daniel Perez, a KUAM News correspondent, discusses about the Todu Guam Foundation’s new program, CARES (Community Approach to Resiliency and Engagement for Students) movement. The article also expounds on the foundation’s core mission, stating, “A local non-profit organization that provides no-cost medical care and education has taken on interns to help support them in their … Read more

Todu Guam Foundation helps prep kids for school with free school, sports physicals

Juliana Hernandez, a frequent Pacific Daily News reporter, heads to the Todu Guam Foundation’s medical outreach at Inalåhan Mayor’s office on July 10, 2022. The article expresses the foundation’s mission to help underserved and underinsured families of Guam get their children ready for school, stating, “The Todu Guam Foundation continued its mission to provide accessible … Read more