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Community Health Needs Assessment Survey

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The Todu Guam Foundation is asking for your help in completing their 2023 Community Health Needs Assessment survey. The information collected through the survey will be used to improve health and wellness service offerings at Todu Guam, and strengthen existing Guam community health needs data. The survey is completely anonymous. Some topics covered in the … Read more

Typhoon Mawar Recovery Efforts For Guam

typhoon mawar relief for Guam

In response to Typhoon Mawar recovery efforts, the Todu Guam Foundation is mobilizing its Mobile Medical Clinic Outreach Program. The mission will begin at the Government of Guam typhoon shelters by providing individuals and families non-emergent medical attention for OTC (over the counter) medications, antibiotics, basic wound care (insect bites, minor cuts, and etc.), vaccinations, … Read more